Slavery is a dark part of American history and many do not know who was really the architect behind it. Here you can witness slave collars from different cities and years with the Masonic logo* on all of them.

  • The Square and Compasses are the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry. The letter “G” in the middle of the Square and Compasses stands for the Geometry.

Masonic slave collar from 1853.

“SLAVES FOR SALE OR LETT” on the Masonic Slave Collar.

The Masonic Square and Compass symbol.

4 Masonic Square and Compass symbols in each corner.

Masonic symbol to the right.

Masonic slave collar from Macon, Georgia.

2 Masonic symbols with the letter G.

The Square and Compasses and the letter G can be seen to the left.

Under the text “DARK BREEDER” can you see the Square and Compasses.

Masonic Slave Collar from Richmond, Virginia. The Masonic symbol is in the left corner.


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